Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tattoos Of Movies A Good Idea? Things Like Star Wars Or Lord Of The Rings Tattoos?

I have noticed recently that there are a few jobs being posted on the web for custom tattoo designs involving movies. In fact I saw one on my site a day or so ago for a custom star wars tattoo design. This was something that the person wanted to get done that would span across their calves. It was honestly a pretty cool plan for a design and might come out very artistically.
Then a few weeks back I was on's tattoo and body modification website and found they had awarded a tattoo of the week to someone who had gotten a Lord of the Rings Tattoo done on their back. Again the piece is beautiful and very well done.
However with all of these movie tattoos things like star wars tattoos and Lord of the Rings tattoos I have to wonder if it is a good idea. There is a lot of debate in the world of tattooing as to what is a good design to get a tattoo done of. However almost everyone agrees that the most important factor bar none is your own desires and like or dislikes. For example if you went out and got a shooting star tattoo or Celtic cross tattoo just because you heard they were popular right now and you didn't really like it for any other reason then eventually you would grow to hate the tattoo. Sure at first it might be fun to show it off to friends and look cool and popular. But in another 20 years or so you won't probably want to show it off. That is when a tattoo becomes something much more personal. So most designers, tattoo artists, and tattoo customers universally agree if you are going to get a tattoo go right ahead. They are really cool and very addictive. However get one because it is something you like and something you will always like.

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